Registration & Payment

1. The registration fees for this year’s conference are as follows.

Registration Options Payment Made From
Thailand Other Countries
General Researchers/Lecturers
(Includes two-night accommodation: 4th - 5th July 2018)
18,800 Baht 625 US Dollars
5 - Selected Students
(Includes two-night accommodation: 4th -5th July 2018)

* Send your request to (Five student requests will be selected by conference committee.)
14,000 Baht 460 US Dollars
Additional pages charged if more than 10 pages 350 Baht 10 US Dollars
Participants 6,000 Baht 195 US Dollars

2. Payment

If the registration fee is made within Thailand, please use money transfer only, and you are responsible for the transfer fee.
If the registration fee is made from abroad, you can choose to pay by any of the methods mentioned above. The payment from abroad must be made in US Dollars only.